About Us

London Bridge is a young fashion brand from the house of Turtle, for the urban youth of today who live life on their own terms. A non-conformist at heart, he dares to challenge the norms, break free from regimentation and think out of the box. Truly independent in thought and action, he lives for originality. He is his own man and flaunting is his mantra. He seizes every moment and makes it king-size

A brand that’s as flamboyant as it’s freewheeling, London Bridge is all about bold colours, spirited shades, trendy textures and playful patterns. Ideal for the today’s fast-movers and go-getters who like to stand out from the herd and be a part of a cool new tribe. Its unique collection of cool casuals, sporty formals, dapper denims and smart bottoms make for the all-new fab of fashion wear.


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